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RocJoi Medical Imaging, LLC was established in 2011 by Dr. Mable Jones. Dr. Jones has been certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) for over thirty years and she has been a Senior Member of the American Society of NeuroRadiology (ASNR) for over twenty years. She has served as Radiology Department Chair, Imaging Center Owner and Imaging Center Director. Dr. Jones served her country as a lieutenant in the US Navy. RJMI is a service-disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB).


Our selected Radiologists are especially proficient in their duties, not only in technical practice but in the more intangible aspects of the profession as well.

Interaction ('Bedside Manner'): RJMI staff are quick to respond to requests and eager to smooth the communication process. We are easy to communicate with, situationally aware, and openly considerate of the needs and goals of our patients, partners, and colleagues.

Availability: RJMI can be reached by clinicians, contracting officers, facility staff, and patients at all business hours and beyond. We actively encourage our staff to be as accessible as possible, and pride ourselves on our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations in this regard.

Accuracy: Accurate image interpretation relies not only on the technical correctness of the findings, but on the radiologist’s ability to present his or her findings to the people who need them (such as subspecialists). Accuracy also depends on continuing medical education (CME) to keep physicians abreast of changes as our technology and medical understanding changes and evolves. RJMI personnel have a long history of excellence on both counts.

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Is to offer a superior alternative for fulfilling teleradiology contracts. Our radiologists conduct teleradiology much the same as they would conduct a community or on-site hospital radiology practice, engaging directly with clinicians, technologists, clerical and IT personnel. RJMI is unique because our technology partner has patented many of the systems which form the basis of telemedicine and specifically teleradiology.